A small sampling of our Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products: household, commercial, janitorial, marine care products, foam rug cleaner, odor eliminator, spot remover, stain remover, gum remover, wax remover, fireplace cleaner, water conditioner, drain line cleaner, septic tank cleaner, hard surface protectant, jewelry cleaner, silver polish, brass polish, copper polish, spray n sparkle glass cleaner, anti fog spray, lambswool duster, ostrich feather duster, wall brush, dad fullers oil soap, furniture creme, furniture oil, furniture wax, wood floor cleaner, fabric protector, toilet brush, bowl cleaner, tile cleaner, grout cleaner, shower cleaner, germicidal, disinfectant, disolve mineral deposits, sidewall cleaner, tar and bug remover, car wash, car wax, vinyl cleaner, leather cleaner, tire brush, room deodorizer, oven cleaner, wet mop, mop replacement head, carpet sweeper, angle broom, dry mop, dust mop, degreaser, heavy duty degreaser, deck wash, mold and mildew cleaner, boat wash, air freshener, brushes, brooms, mops, hairbrush, hand lotion, feet treatment, foot spray, fulsol, fullsan disinfectant, pet safe, environmentally safe cleaners, laundry detergent, insecticide, grill cleaner, insect repellent, denture brush, baby brush, military hairbrush, more...
From the beginning Fuller established three basic rules:
* Make it work     * Make it last     * Guarantee it no matter what
Today, almost a century later, these words still guide The Fuller Brush Company.
The Fuller Brush Company's Sales Force continues to grow and to answer the need for unique, quality products and personal service. One salesman's utilitarian idea, acted upon at the beginning of this century, has become the livelihood for thousands of dedicated men and women who wil lead into the next.
  The modern and flexible manufacturing facility near Great Bend, Kansas, continues a tradition of excellence by producting the world-famous quality products associated with The Fuller Brush Company. State-of-the-art automated equipment is mixed with many operations and completed entirely and lovingly by skilled hands, so customers receive value without sacrificing beauty.

More than 2,000 items are formed within the bustling twelve-acre plant including:
* Household Cleaning Aids * Industrial Cleaners * Polishes & Wax Products * Cotton & Synthetic Mops * Floor Brushes & Brooms * Stainless Steel Sponges * Twisted Wire Brushes & Swabs * Personal Care Brushes * Lotions & Fragrances * Hair Care Aids * Made-to-order Products * Industrial Brushes * Plastics, Wood-Shaped * Formed Metal * Silk-Screened Graphics * Aerosols, Chemicals * more...
The 500,000 square foot plant was completed in 1973, and today, Fuller remains the major employer in the Barton County, Kansas areas.

The Fuller Quest for Excellence
To Offer Customers Unique Products of the Highest Quality...
* That Last     * That Work
To Offer Associates and Representatives Real Opportunity...
* To Grow     * To Learn     * To Earn
To Accept the Responsibility of Leadership...
* In Service     * In Our Community     * In Our Environment
On a cold, crisp winter day...New Year's 1906...a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Nova Scotia, Alfred C. Fuller, began an enterprise which has become known worldwide as The Fuller Brush Company. From a bench between the furnace and the coal bin in his sister's New England home, young Fuller set out to make, in his own words:
"...the best products of their kind in the world."
Through the years, The Fuller Brush Company has grown from one man's fiber suitcase, filled with unique custom-made brushes, to an exciting collection of home/business care, and personal care products, all crafted with the same quality and precision that have made The Fuller Brush Company a name welcomed everywhere.
A quest true over 106 years ago, still holds true today...to be...and to give
our very best.
Alfred C. Fuller
Mary Martin
Independent Distributor
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Celebrating 106 Years
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